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Dust, animal husbandry, also took a panacea, reluctantly shook his head, eating soft in the mouth ah. Printing method rapidly changing room, I saw the body surface was black dust, animal husbandry, LEI, suddenly become all the more rapid up. However, this light, but did not give a warm feeling, but to make the human body was suffused with a deep chill, because everyone is able to feel the inner light of those, it contains a very terrible sharp Italian sword, sword meaning that, if sufficient torn world. This three figure fast if lightning swept into the cave, then figure disappeared immediately Ren Dan will have no movement. Under the dust, animal husbandry and so full they hurry, about twenty minutes later, their speed is finally slowing down gradually, herd dust physique of a move, from falling on top of a mountain, then the eyes look to the front, in That front is a bit extreme lush thorns cycads, these cycads, dark and whole body, covered with extremely sharp spikes, giving a sense of Senhan of looks, but also in those of the spikes, but also suffused with faint here, obviously with highly toxic. A crazy rotation, carrying the force of spiritual power Fengrui Pilian Pushe sharply since the storm, lightning fast if grazing dust brushed back, and suddenly there's clothes were torn off, in its back On leaving a trail of blood.

In that the rear, Los glass and Qingxuan Wen also rushed out of their flesh and no dust, animal husbandry and so tough, but after all, unusual compared to many tyrannical master of the flesh, coupled with handheld Luo Luo glass sword, although there can not be spiritual power Emboldened, the Los sharp sword itself, but it is not capable of defending these human flesh. Los glass Jiaoqu flash, appeared in Wen Qingxuan side, her hands Luo Jian Yi is intended to have a sharp sword comes out, guard locking that a hospital-like spirit. Amazing breeze swept in that empty office opened, dust, animal husbandry physique flashed Leiguang his fist wrapped around a black, heavy bombers under the gun mount that road, between LEI surging His body also was Zhentui a dozen steps, Wen Qingxuan offensive, most of Jon although with a powerful body to resist down, but its fist place, still came with a sting. Only two to get him exceptionally fear and caution. Above the valley, it is at this point four shadows into a streamer grazing, catch the distant road graceful - touching slim figure. wholesale nfl jerseys factory

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am in the hands of the reel, as we expected, is a roll Diagrams. wholesale nike nfl jerseys factory " Luo beautiful eyes looking at the patch of red glass yellow earth, she was able to see, on the ground with some of the broken spirit, a spirit which is almost been destruction, no spiritual power are gone, even among loess, barely visible traces of bones. "Or I come, I can deal with. wholesale nfl jerseys china In that round after round gaze in that light among seems looming a slender body of a teenage girl and a beautiful, slowly out. Breaking wind blowing, a silhouette rock face ecstasy from Taichung Luehui entire Lingbaoshan outside, are jubilant atmosphere, of course, also has some of the depressed, pale team, they not only did not get any of the days of wood Po, and even imprisoned members paid a price, we can say that their spiritual homes contest footsteps, basically has been terminated.