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Along with layers of green iris that is LEI Zhensan, dust, animal husbandry palms, but also directly to their breakthrough, the final will be tightly wooden monument that being caught in the palm. "I turned out to be an artifact?. In that the left has four teams lasts, they have a different hospital at chest emblem, apparently from a different spiritual homes, but so too is the amazing people in the body of these people are quite amazing spirit exudes power fluctuations. School Spirit Competition this is the case, where the genius of shock only change my life, it is too much Dust, animal husbandry, standing before the trading desk, his pale eyes looked dull Black pavilion on two young, while the latter two are also condescending down at him, mouth smile some pondering. Four physique of a move, directly appeared in the Los rear glass, crush the potential and the formation of a team that Chen Qing, the Los glass enclosed therein, majestic spiritual power spread out, bring a strong spiritual force, coercion .

"Since you say has a lot of tall Lingbaoshan Lingbao world that want to come in ancient times, should be Lingbao wooden temple garden is planted specifically Lingbao world where some big forces, large clans, have a similar place, And this place, all have one thing in common, "Wen Qingxuan smiled, extraordinarily elegant, said:. wholesale nfl jerseys from china Jianying suddenly explode, and saw that the cuttlefish was startled and shoved the body, stature slightly staggered shot down a while back, on his hands, with a bloodstain appeared, blood along the finger ticking down to answer, obviously, Wen Qingxuan of touch with, and that he completely falls under the wind Cuttlefish looking at the palm of blood, and looking a little gloomy looking Wenqing Xuan, said:" Indeed the once top-ranked team, now you should have already spent it difficult soul God" Cuttlefish own strength, but the difference between the soul of God in one step transition is difficult, unusual spiritual power is difficult to master, is simply not his opponent, but now it is at the moment dealing injured by Qingxuan Wen, apparently, each other's strength, has been far beyond him. wholesale nike nfl jerseys china War surge, dust, animal husbandry strength, is really a very aroused Victory heart of her heart, she never thought she would be weaker than men, and she is also very fond of the opposite sex among their peers, really It has a capacity of more than her. wholesale nfl jerseys "Put God paste wood wooden temple to pay out, I let you leave.

"You share what God guard wood attack on the line, the rest to me. In that underneath, Xu shortage is close to three over, three of them, some gray head and gray face, previously the three of them together, but it is the other side that the two girls as beautiful to suppress badly. wholesale football jerseys china Dust, animal husbandry, patted the dust on the body does not exist, he looked down, then nodded with satisfaction, in difficult weather the flesh, his flesh, it is already a little scary tough to the extent that similar to previous Species offensive, he did not pushed any spiritual power of defense, by virtue of the flesh are totally in resistance.